Glaucoma: What’s New and What Do I Need to Know

Glaucoma: What’s New

Glaucoma is probably among the most common eye disorders and a leading cause of vision loss and permanent blindness. Unfortunately, unlike other eye problems, there is little known about the presenting symptoms and treatment options for glaucoma. However, with prompt medical intervention, the loss of vision can be slowed or stopped. What is Glaucoma? Generally, […]

Cataract Surgery Recovery: Tips to Minimize Recovery Time

cataract surgery recovery time

Cataract surgery recovery is probably one of the main concerns for patients scheduled to undergo phacoemulsification. Cataract surgery is a simple procedure lasting only a few minutes. However, despite being one of the commonly performed eye-related surgeries, most people are still apprehensive about the procedure. Like other eye care problems, you should follow your eye […]

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What’s The Difference Between Glaucoma and Cataracts?

As we age, our eyes, like any other part of the body, become susceptible to disease. The most common vision-related problems in older adults are glaucoma and cataracts. In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. World Health Organization estimates that cataracts cause 51% of the world’s blindness. About 80 million people globally […]

Are Cataracts Always Visible? Early Signs of Cataracts to Look For

Cataracts are, without a doubt, one of the leading causes of blindness globally. While most people experience cataracts at some point in life, the majority know less about what they are. Cataracts are often associated with a cloudy or white pupil, which might be visible to the naked eye or not. Affected persons may also […]

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What is My Perfect Eye Exam Frequency?

Just like dental health, preventive measures toward eye health are overly important. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider the importance of frequent eye exams because they aren’t of senior age or haven’t experienced eye issues. However, you should have regular eye exams even when you have perfect vision or experience eye problems. This is because most […]

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Presbyopia Treatment in Monterey Park/ Los Angeles


Presbyopia is a natural condition of aging, which involves the gradual loss of the ability to focus on near objects. Virtually everyone over the age of 40 is affected with this age-related farsightedness, and need to use glasses for reading and other activities requiring close up vision. Over time, the natural lens of the eye loses […]

Normal Sight

Normal Sight

With a regular shaped eye, light reflects directly on the retina and you are able to see near and far with everything in focus. The result is often referred to as 20/20 vision — you can see what the “normal” person can see at 20 feet. In other words, 20/40 would mean that you can […]

Contact Lens Fitting in Monterey Park

Patients who wear glasses, but do not like them, should consider wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses provide patients with clear vision without the hassle of wearing something that hides your face. They are worn on your eyes and although you may notice their presence initially, after a short time they will go unnoticed. Contact lenses […]

Refraction Exam for Glasses in Monterey Park

eye doctors linda vision monterey park

Dr. Linda Vu is a general ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in Los Angeles who also provides her patients with comprehensive eye care, such as refraction exams for glasses. If you are having trouble with your vision, whether it is in the distance or up close, you may be in need of prescription glasses. Many people think that […]