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LASIK Technology in Monterey Park & Los Angeles

WAVELIGHT™ EX500 LASER in Monterey Park


Thanks to advanced technology, we can now treat not only your refractive error but also correct the subtle imperfections that are unique to your eye. The WAVELIGHT™ EX500 Excimer Laser extends possibilities beyond 20/20, and minimizes problems associated with older generation lasers, such as reduced night vision, glare, and haloes. The WAVELIGHT™ EX500 was conceived and developed for wavefront based custom refractive surgery. These wavefront principles are built into the WAVELIGHT™ EX500 LASER system, unlike some other lasers which apply wavefront principles as an add-on module. WAVELIGHT™ EX500 LASIK in Los Angeles


One of the most innovative features of the ALCON ALLEGRETTO WAVELIGHT™ EX500 is the way it uses wavefront-optimized technology to automatically compensate for the curvature of the cornea. Maintaining the natural aspheric shape of the patient’s eye is resulting in better nighttime vision. In earlier laser correction systems, the area of correction was centered on the front of the cornea; the result was a flattened circular area that ended with an abrupt edge, causing unwanted side effects like poor night vision, glare, and haloes. ALCON ALLEGRETTO WAVELIGHT™ EX500 in LA Glare from lights may interfere with vision, particularly at night, and may cause difficulties driving.


You can have peace of mind that the amount of energy in the WAVELIGHT™ EX500 excimer LASIK Perfect Pulse Technology in Monterey Park laser has been calibrated to exactly the right level. After the beam has been created, it passes through three checkpoints on its way to your eye. At each of these points, the energy level is checked and adjusted if necessary, ensuring that the beam is perfectly attuned at its destination. When the laser light meets the edge of the cornea, it is partially reflected due to the eye’s curved shape. Perfect Pulse Technology applies more laser pulses in order to compensate for this effect and to prevent spherical aberrations (nighttime driving glare and glare from bright lights).


The optical zone refers to the portion of the cornea that has been corrected by the laser. The WAVELIGHT™ EX500 Excimer Laser LASIK Perfect Pulse Technology in Los Angelesis capable of producing some of the largest available optical zones, especially important for night vision, and for patients with very large pupils. If a patient’s pupil is larger than the optical zone, they may experience poor peripheral vision, poor night vision, and a higher than normal incidence of “haloes” and glare. In the past, this has been one of the biggest drawbacks to conventional laser correction surgery.


The laser beam needs to be constantly and minutely adjusted to the position of the eye at any given time. LASIK Eye tracking Technology in Monterey ParkThree eye trackers survey and track movement at 500 times per second. More importantly, the WAVELIGHT™ EX500’s response time is the fastest available for any laser, which ensures precision because every pulse is delivered to the exact location that was intended. You will also be comforted knowing the eye tracking automatically pauses treatment should the eye ever move out of range. You may be surprised to know that some lasers out in the market do not even use an eye tracker!


The WAVELIGHT™ EX500 excimer laser LASIK SMALL SPOT BEAM TECHNOLOGY in Monterey Parkuses small, round beams for a smoother treatment and improved healing.

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