The cost to remove your pterygium(s) depends on many factors including:

  • The size and thickness of the pterygium
  • The location of the pterygium
  • The number of pterygiums you have in each eye
  • Whether you have enough natural tissue to perform a graft or whether an amniotic membrane graft needs to be used
  • Whether you had previous surgery to remove your pterygium

We recommend that you come in for a free consultation so that Dr. Vu can look at your eye(s) and determine the best treatment plan for your specific case.


Patients who have private insurance can use it to help cover a portion of their surgery. Every policy is different and we can check your benefits when you come in for your free consultation. Our office accepts the majority of PPO insurances and a number of HMO plans.

No Insurance

For patients without insurance, we offer 0% interest financing through Wells Fargo to make surgery more affordable. You can click on the link below to apply for financing and get your approval right away.


Our Los Angeles LASIK specialists have been performing LASIK surgeries for over 20 years combined, with very positive results. Linda Vision’s experience and dedication to each patient, along with the use of the Wavelight EX500 excimer laser, make Linda Vision the ideal place to have LASIK surgery. We offer unlimited LASIK follow-up exams for 12 months after your Custom Wavefront LASIK surgery.

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