What Causes Cloudy Vision in One Eye?

Cloudy Vision

Blurry vision is typically associated with the need for optical prescription or eyeglasses. However, monocular cloudy vision signifies a serious condition that needs immediate attention. Monocular cloudy vision can affect your visual field partly or entirely. In most cases, objects appear cloudy or out of focus and can interfere with your daily activities, even with […]

Posterior Capsule Opacification, AKA “Secondary Cataract”

Posterior Capsule Opacification – “Secondary Cataract”

Cataract surgery is a common procedure done to improve vision for most people. While the procedure is generally safe, it is normal for some patients to develop complications. At first, patients can experience blurry vision a few days after cataract removal. During this period, the eyes heal and adjust to the artificial lens inserted during […]

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rub Your Eyes

woman rubbing her eyes

While it may seem normal, rubbing your eyes after waking up or when you are tired always feels good. The good feeling of rubbing your eyes comes from stimulated tear flow that lubricates the eye, relieves dry eyes, and clears dust. Rubbing the eye is also therapeutic as the pressure applied to the eyeball stimulates […]

 How Much Vision Will I Regain After Cataract Surgery?

Vision Will I Regain After Cataract Surgery?

A cataract is a cloudy covering that forms on your eye lens due to the clumping of the eye proteins. Cataracts may develop for years before they affect your vision and ultimately impacting the quality of life. NCBI ranks cataracts as the leading cause of blindness worldwide. However, this condition can be corrected through cataract surgery, a […]

The Five Most Common Eye Conditions and How They Are Treated

common eye conditions

Eyesight is a valuable asset to humans, and maintaining eye health is important. Unfortunately, despite maintaining eye health, a significant human population still experiences eye problems at one point in their lives. While some eye conditions are minor and can resolve naturally or with home remedies, others require interventions from eye specialists. Below are the […]

3 Reasons an Increasing Number of Younger People Are Getting Cataract Surgery

Younger People Are Getting Cataract Surgery

You might be wrong to believe the common notion that cataracts only affect adults and older people aged 70 and above. Currently, a Mayo Clinic study revealed that an increasing number of young people develop cataracts and undergo cataracts surgery. While this condition is typically associated with age-related changes affecting the eye, children and young […]

Aqueous Humor and It’s Role in the Eye


The aqueous humor is a thin and transparent fluid in the eye that highly resembles plasma fluid. The fluid contains 99.9% water and 0.1% sugars, proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients; aqueous humor fills the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye. However, it shouldn’t be confused with vitreous humor, which occupies the space between the […]

What It’s Like Living With Glaucoma

Living With Glaucoma

If you are among the 3 million Americans diagnosed and living with glaucoma, you should be wary of various measures to slow the progression of this eye condition. Glaucoma is a lifelong condition that compromises your ability to see clearly and impairs your vision. Unfortunately, damage caused by this condition cannot be reversed. However, this […]

The Link Between Diabetes and Glaucoma

Diabetes and Glaucoma

If you have glaucoma, you may experience random blind spots in your vision. You may get regular bouts of sharp pain in the eyes or severe headaches. The condition is caused by excess pressure inside the eyes, and it can cause damage to the optic nerve. Diabetes increases your risk of glaucoma. Understanding Glaucoma Glaucoma […]