Are You Having Trouble Driving at Night?

Driving at Night

Poor night vision, regardless of the cause, can have a significant impact on your life and ability to complete everyday tasks, including driving. If you have noticed increased blurry vision, double vision, glare, halos around lights or other visual symptoms that are interfering with your ability to drive at night, Dr. Linda Vu encourages you […]

New Year, New Vision with LASIK

New Vision with LASIK

This New Year, many people will resolve to achieve improved vision with LASIK laser surgery. LASIK works to correct your vision permanently and reduces your reliance on contacts and glasses. At Linda Vision, Dr. Linda Vu specializes in LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures. Her knowledge, expertise, and experience in treating vision problems with […]

Common Myths About Cataracts

cataract surgery recovery time

Cataracts are caused by clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which prevents rays of light from reaching the retina. There are many myths about cataracts that prevent people from gaining access to effective cataract treatment. Linda Vision in Monterey Park, California, is a comprehensive vision center that specializes in cataract surgery. Dr. Linda Vu and […]

Treating Red, Puffy Eyes: Warm Compress vs. Cold Compress

Warm and cold compresses are home remedies commonly used to treat a variety of eye problems. But when is each appropriate? For this month’s blog post, Dr. Linda Vu of Linda Vision thought it would be useful to discuss when warm and cold compresses should be used. In particular, the trusted ophthalmologist wanted to discuss […]

Can I Have Cataract Surgery After LASIK?

Los Angeles eye surgeon Dr. Linda Vu receives many questions about LASIK and cataract surgery, two of the most popular vision correction procedures today. Many of her former laser vision correction patients are curious to know whether it’s possible or even necessary to have cataract surgery after LASIK. Read on as Dr. Vu discusses this […]

How Soon Can I Drive After Laser Vision Correction?

Drive After Laser Vision Correction

LASIK and other similar laser vision correction procedures like PRK typically require a short recovery period. During this time, you will need to refrain from certain activities, including driving. Because driving after LASIK is a topic that is frequently discussed in Dr. Linda Vu’s consultations with her patients, the Los Angeles laser vision correction surgeon […]