LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure with the highest rate of satisfaction and success. This refractive surgery corrects your eyes by reshaping the cornea according to the power of your prescription glasses, thereby reducing or even eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses. Since 1989 when the first LASIK operation was performed, over 10 million procedures have been completed worldwdevlistide, and numerous technological advancements have been introduced. Linda Vision uses the latest technology to perform Custom Wavefront procedures. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE™Excimer Laser by Alcon extends vision possibilities beyond 20/20 by tailoring treatment to your unique corneal curvature. The Allegretto Wave is one of the safest and fastest laser systems available today. Faster performance allows for reduced time under the laser, leading to less anxiety and increased comfort. At Linda Vision, we believe that the right LASIK surgeon combined with an advanced laser such as the Allegretto Wave, will provide the best visual outcome possible. During your free LASIK consultation, Dr. Linda Vu can let you know if you are a candidate for Custom Wavefront LASIK Surgery and she can answer any questions you may have. There is no up-charge for high prescriptions or astigmatism and we offer unlimited follow-up exams for 12 months after your Custom Wavefront LASIK surgery.

LASIK Procedure
1. A flap is created on the outer layer of the cornea.
2. The Excimer Laser reshapes the underlying layer of the cornea using “Smart Energy” pulses.
3. The flap is laid back in place.
4. The newly shaped cornea will focus light without the need for glasses or contacts to improve your vision.


Flapless Epi-LASIK
LASIK, also known as Advanced Surface Treatment, is ideal for patients with higher prescriptions, thin corneas, and dry eyes. It involves treatment to the surface of the cornea, without creating an incision flap. The procedure usually takes longer to heal than LASIK, but it causes less thinning of the cornea. Patients who want to further maximize safety and steer clear of the added risks of LASIK are good candidates for Epi-LASIK. LASIK involves creating a flap in the cornea with either a microkeratome or a laser. In Epi-LASIK however, a special oscillating “separator” is used to remove the surface of the cornea (epithelium). By removing the epithelium mechanically, there is less injury to the surrounding tissues. After the epithelium is removed, the laser treats the underlying corneal tissue. A bandage contact lens is then placed on the eye to protect the surface while it heals.

LASIK After Age 40
Presbyopia Correction (Monovision LASIK)
Virtually everyone over the age of 40 is affected with age-related farsightedness (presbyopia), and need to use glasses for reading. Monovision LASIK is an alternative for those who are affected by myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, simultaneously with presbyopia. It is a treatment where one eye is treated for distance vision, and the other one for near vision. Although the LASIK procedure has greatly advanced over the years, it is limited in that only one permanent prescription can be put in the eye. It has not yet reached the point where a distance prescription and a reading prescription can both be applied, like bifocals glasses do.

Monovision LASIK works by completely correcting the dominant eye so that it is focused on distant objects, while leaving a small amount of nearsightedness in the non-dominant eye, in order to allow for near vision. The result is that the dominant eye is better focused in the distance and the non-dominant eye is better focused for near. When both eyes are used together, reading and distance vision should be comfortably usable. Monovision will enable the patient to see reasonably well for both distance and up close, without the need for glasses for routine activities, such as reading price tags, menus, and cell phones.Undergoing monovision LASIK is advantageous in many aspects given the conveniences in everyday activities, but it also has drawbacks. It is a compromise and there may be instances when a pair of glasses will be of benefit. The distance vision may not be perfect, especially at night or in dim light, as one eye is better focused for near. Monovision typically works well for near activities for short periods. Reading for long periods may tire the eyes more easily. It can also affect depth perception slightly, so monovision is not recommended for pilots, taxi drivers, or anyone who has a license to drive commercial vehicles.

Cost of LASIK in Los Angeles
The cost of LASIK can vary dramatically not only from practice to practice, but also between each different type of LASIK procedure. Make sure that when you decide to have LASIK, you are getting the best quality care and the newest technology available, rather than just the cheapest price. Become informed about the differences between Conventional and Custom LASIK. When it comes to your eyes, you should not settle for inexpensive, you should provide them with the best.

Insurance coverage
LASIK is considered an elective procedure which means that most insurance companies do not offer any coverage. However, there are a few that do pay all or at least a portion of the cost. During your free consultation, we can check your benefits to see if this applies to you.

Payment Plan

We offer interest free financing through Wells Fargo which allows you to make affordable monthly payments after your LASIK procedure. You can click on the link below to submit your application and get approved right away, or we can help you fill it out when you come in for your free consultation.

Wells Fargo

REGRESARLlame ahora para una consulta de LASIK gratis!

LASIK es corrección de la visión con láser que corrige los ojos mediante la remodelación de la córnea según el poder de sus anteojos, reduciendo o incluso eliminando la necesidad de anteojos y lentes de contacto. Durante su consulta de LASIK gratis, la Dra. Linda Vu le dirá si usted es un candidato para la cirugía LASIK Wavefront Personalizado y ella podrá contestar cualquier pregunta que tenga. En Linda Vision, no hay costo alguno adicional por graduación alta o astigmatismo. También ofrecemos exámenes ilimitados durante 12 meses después de la cirugía LASIK Wavefront Personalizado.


LASIK Después de los 40
Corrección de la Presbicia (LASIK Monovisión)
Prácticamente todas las personas mayores de 40 años se ven afectadas con la hipermetropía relacionada con la edad (presbicia o presbiopía), y la necesidad de usar anteojos para leer. LASIK Monovisión es un tratamiento donde un ojo es tratado para la visión a distancia, y el otro para la visión cercana. LASIK Monovisión funciona mediante la corrección completa del ojo dominante para enfocar a los objetos distantes, mientras que deja una pequeña cantidad de miopía en el ojo no dominante, para permitir la visión cercana. El resultado es que el ojo dominante se enfoca mejor en la distancia y el ojo no dominante se enfoca mejor de cerca. Cuando ambos ojos se usan juntos, visión de lectura y de distancia deben ser cómodamente utilizables. Monovisión no es para todos, y típicamente funciona bien para las actividades cercanas durante períodos cortos. Llame ya para obtener más información sobre LASIK Monovisión.

El Costo de LASIK en Los Angeles
El costo del LASIK puede variar dramáticamente no sólo de clínica a clínica, sino también entre los distintos tipos de procedimiento de LASIK. Asegúrese de que cuando usted decida tener LASIK, usted está recibiendo la mejor calidad de cuidado, tecnología Wavefront nueva, y exámenes de chequeo realizados personalmente por su cirujano, en lugar de sólo el precio más barato. Infórmese sobre las diferencias entre LASIK convencional y LASIK Personalizado. Cuando se trata de sus ojos, no debe conformarse con LASIK de baja calidad.

回去 請即預約您的LASIK免費個人諮詢

LASIK是一種激光視力矯正科技,根據個人眼鏡度數,重塑角膜,糾正眼睛,從而減少甚至消除眼鏡和隱形眼鏡的需要。從免費個人諮詢,傅白蘭醫生可讓您知道您是否適合「量身訂做前導波LASIK」手術及回答相關問題。在 Linda Vision 醫療中心,高視力度數 或散光前導波LASIK矯正是不收附加收費的。我們提供12個月無限制檢查,致力跟進您手術後的狀況。

老花眼矯正 (單視覺LASIK 激光矯視手術) 幾乎每個人40歲後都受到老花眼影響,需要使用眼鏡閱讀。單視覺LASIK是一種矯視手術治療一眼負責望遠距離景像、另一眼負責近距離視力。單視覺LASIK的原理是使主力眼聚焦於遠處的物體,並為輔助眼留少量近視,以允許近距離視力。其結果是,主力眼能更好地聚焦在遠處,而輔助眼可集中在附近的東西。當雙眼一起使用時,經過大腦調整,閱讀和遠距離視力應該可以舒適進行。單視覺激光矯視手術並不適合每一個人。最好的效果是用於短期的近距離活動。請致電以了解更多有關手術。

LASIK的手術費用可以相差很大 (如不同醫療機構或類型的LASIK) 。 當您決定做LASIK時 最重要的是確保您能得到優質的護理、新的前導波科技技術、及LASIK外科醫生親自進行檢查。有興趣人士亦應了解普通LASIK跟量身訂做LASIK之間的差異。當手術涉及到您寶貴的眼睛,您不應該勉強接受廉價的激光矯視手術。

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