LASIK Cost: Is It Worth It?


Cost is a consideration in any big decision — including the decision to correct your vision with LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Linda Vu understands that many qualified candidates may put off LASIK for years because of concerns about cost. However, Dr. Vu has a message for folks in this position: not only do most of her patients consider LASIK “worth it,” they also believe it is the best money they ever spent!  And what’s more, they actually end up saving money over time.

If you are considering having LASIK eye surgery but hesitate because of the cost, this blog post is for you.

The One-time Cost of LASIK

LASIK cost varies by patient, depending on the specific treatment plan. However, in general, you can expect laser eye surgery to cost between one and three thousand dollars per eye.

This may sound like a considerable sum to pay out-of-pocket. However, remember that LASIK permanently corrects your vision so that you do not need to wear glasses or contacts to see clearly. You can enjoy clear vision without visual aids.

Also, keep in mind that there are ways to make the cost of LASIK fit into your budget comfortably. For example, financing through organizations such as CareCredit or Wells Fargo Health Advantage can break down the costs of laser eye surgery into affordable monthly payments. Alternatively, if you have a health savings account through your employer, you might be able to use funds from that account to pay for your surgery.

The Lifetime Cost of Glasses and/or Contact Lenses

Even with resources like financing or a health savings account, LASIK surgery requires an investment, as compared to the smaller costs associated with glasses, contact lenses and the accoutrements. But take a moment and think about how much you have spent and will spend over the course of your lifetime on lenses, frames, cleaning supplies and related accessories. Depending on your tastes, eyeglass frames can run a few hundred dollars each, and you might like having a few different pairs to rotate through. If you wear contacts, you might be tired of having to buy new bottles of cleaning solution or boxes of disposables regularly. When you correct your vision with LASIK, these costs are virtually eliminated for many years because you can see clearly without visual aids!

LASIK patients that do the numbers are happy to discover that LASIK pays for itself after about 10 to 15 years, because it eliminates the cost of visual aids.

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