Myths about LASIK continue to persist despite the fact that the procedure has been successfully performed on over 2 million people since 1987. Once you learn the truth about LASIK, you may realize that laser vision correction is an effective and safe solution to your vision problems.

In this post, Los Angeles LASIK surgeon Dr. Linda Vu from Linda Vision gives her perspective on some common LASIK myths.

Myth #1: You Can Be Too Old for LASIK

Some LASIK candidates believe that they are too old for laser vision correction. In fact, age alone is not a disqualifying factor for LASIK eye surgery, as long as you are over age 18.

However, some eye conditions that occur more frequently as you get older can disqualify you from being a good LASIK candidate. Macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma are examples of such conditions.

But if your eyes are healthy, you can be a good LASIK candidate at any age. Many patients over the age of 50 have had successful LASIK procedures.

Myth #2: LASIK Only Corrects Nearsightedness

LASIK can correct many types of refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Due to advances in LASIK technology, more people can benefit from LASIK surgery than ever before.

Even severe refractive errors that can’t be treated with LASIK may be corrected with other procedures. Your eye surgeon can give you more information about your laser vision correction options.

Myth #3: LASIK Is Too Expensive

The cost of LASIK has decreased significantly as the technology has become more advanced. In some cases, you may be able to pay for LASIK with pre-tax dollars or receive a medical expense tax deduction for the cost of LASIK. In addition, financing options are available that allow you to pay for LASIK with interest-free monthly payments.

While some patients may hesitate to undergo LASIK due to the up-front cost of the procedure, there are actually some financial advantages to LASIK. When you compare the life-long costs of prescription eyewear (i.e., eyeglass lenses and frames, contacts, cleaning supplies) to the one-time cost of LASIK, you may actually end up saving tens of thousands of dollars over time.

Myth #4: LASIK Often Results in Complications

Complications from a LASIK procedure are rare. The vast majority of LASIK patients are satisfied with their outcomes.

Most side effects from a LASIK procedure are mild and temporary. Dry eyes and other side effects can be managed easily, and typically resolve shortly after surgery.

Get the Facts During a Pre-LASIK Consultation

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