How Soon Can I Drive After Laser Vision Correction?

Drive After Laser Vision Correction

LASIK and other similar laser vision correction procedures like PRK typically require a short recovery period. During this time, you will need to refrain from certain activities, including driving. Because driving after LASIK is a topic that is frequently discussed in Dr. Linda Vu’s consultations with her patients, the Los Angeles laser vision correction surgeon wanted to address it in detail in this blog post.

What to Expect Immediately after Laser Vision Correction

Immediately after laser vision correction, most patients experience blurry vision, eye soreness and light sensitivity. These symptoms typically wear off after a few hours post-surgery. In addition, anesthesia or sedatives may be used during LASIK to enhance your comfort. Post-op vision symptoms and the groggy effects of sedatives will make it unsafe for you to drive immediately after your procedure. For this reason, you will need a family member or friend to drive you home.

What to Expect the Day After Laser Vision Correction

Most patients notice an improvement in vision a day after surgery. Some patients are able to drive as soon as 24 hours after surgery. However, you should not drive until you are cleared to do so by your surgeon. The day after surgery, you will return to your surgeon’s office so they can check your eyesight. (Note: you will need a loved one to drive you to and possibly from your follow-up appointment). Every patient heals at a different pace so it is possible that your surgeon will recommend waiting longer than 24 hours to drive and resume other normal activities. Depending on your personal healing progress, it could take up to a week for your vision to stabilize. Once your surgeon confirms that your visual acuity meets the legal requirement for driving (20/40 or better in most states) you will be cleared to drive again.

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