New Year, New Vision with LASIK

New Vision with LASIK

This New Year, many people will resolve to achieve improved vision with LASIK laser surgery. LASIK works to correct your vision permanently and reduces your reliance on contacts and glasses. At Linda Vision, Dr. Linda Vu specializes in LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures. Her knowledge, expertise, and experience in treating vision problems with LASIK can help you achieve clear vision in the coming year.

Make LASIK a New Year’s Resolution You Keep

LASIK surgery is the most popular laser vision correction procedure used today. The surgery uses lasers to reshape the cornea according to your prescription’s power. LASIK reduces your dependency on contact lenses and glasses. In some cases, it may effectively eliminate the need for prescription eyewear altogether, helping you save money on these items over the course of your lifetime.

The majority of people who make New Year’s resolutions do not achieve their goals. Why? Over-commitment. Correcting vision with LASIK, however, is simple and requires very little downtime. A consultation is necessary to determine your eligibility for LASIK. To have this procedure, you must be at least 18 years old, not pregnant or nursing, willing and able to follow proper aftercare, not have any eye disease, and have an overall good bill of health from your doctor.

Once cleared, you will be able to schedule your LASIK surgery. You may have to pick up a few prescriptions before the procedure. The entire session should take less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, you will rest in the office and need to have someone drive you home. Most people can return to normal activities the day after LASIK. Just this one simple step with good vision can start off your New Year on a positive note.

Linda Vision offers comprehensive vision care, including LASIK and cataract surgery as well as blepharoplasty. Click here to learn more about our services and specialties.

Let Linda Vision Ease Your Concerns

Dr. Vu specializes in LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, and eyelid surgery. She and our friendly staff understand that you may have concerns about eye surgery, and we’re here to discuss your options and ease your worries. To learn more about our various vision services, or to discuss your treatment options, please call us at (626) 382-2020 to schedule an appointment today.