How LASIK/PRK Can Make Exercise Safer and More Enjoyable

Do you feel like your workouts are constantly disrupted or limited because of prescription eyewear? If so, it’s time to consider laser vision correction. Procedures like LASIK and PRK offer a multitude of benefits, including less dependence on visual aids. Without glasses or contact lenses holding you back, you will be able to run faster, swim at a moment’s notice and work out more comfortably. Read on to learn how laser vision correction with Dr. Linda Vu can help you be in the best shape of your life.

The Drawbacks of Glasses and Contacts

Wearing glasses while playing your favorite sports or exercising can be uncomfortable. Glasses can slip off your face due to constant movement or sweat. When wearing glasses during sports or exercise, you risk breaking them and having to replace them. Glasses also limit your performance. They can fog up and obscure your vision, forcing you to stop what you’re doing to clean or readjust your glasses. This is especially difficult in motorsports (on the race track) or while riding a motorcycle. Wearing contact lenses is also inconvenient as they can shift around in your eyes, fall out or get lost. They may also dry out, limiting your vision and focus during exercise and sports.

Visual aids are not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous. Glasses can break while you’re playing contact sports and lead to a serious eye injury. Going glasses-free when playing sports allows you to wear protective goggles or eyewear. Research has found that approximately 90 percent of all eye injuries — including those that occur during contact sports — can be prevented with protective goggles.

Keeping your contact lenses on while playing sports increases your risk of an infection due to sweat, dust or debris getting trapped in the lenses. In addition, swimming with contact lenses is strictly off limits as doing so can expose them to bacteria.

After LASIK or PRK, it is unlikely that you will need your glasses or contact lenses when playing sports or exercising. Instead, you will be free to focus on the activity at hand, much more comfortably than ever before.

Learn More about LASIK and PRK

Both LASIK and PRK are safe and have a high success rate. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to work with a board-certified laser vision correction surgeon like Dr. Vu of Linda Vision. Dr. Vu can meet with you personally to evaluate your vision and recommend the best procedure for your visual concerns and goals. To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Vu, contact Linda Vision by calling (626) 382-2020 [or emailing our office today at [email protected].