How Soon Can You Travel after Cataract Surgery?

Like any surgery, cataract surgery places some stress on the body. If you have travel plans shortly after your procedure, you may be wondering whether this will impact your recovery or increase your risk of complications.

In this post. Dr. Linda Vu of Linda Vision discusses whether it’s safe to travel after cataract surgery.

Air Travel After Cataract Surgery

Airplane cabins are pressurized to make sure passengers and crew members can get enough oxygen. If you’ve recently had cataract surgery, you may be concerned about how this pressure could impact your eyes or your recovery from the procedure.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to worry about flying after cataract removal surgery. The pressure in the airplane should not do any damage to your eyes. However, you may want to bring along some eye drops if you are worried about dry eye while flying.

Driving After Cataract Surgery

You can resume driving once you feel comfortable and confident in your vision. Many patients will experience a dramatic vision improvement in the first 24 hours after their cataract removal procedure.

Your cataract surgeon may provide a specific recommendation regarding when you can drive safely again, so follow this advice if you have any concerns.

Post-Surgery Follow-Up and Treatment

The biggest concern with traveling after cataract surgery is following up with your ophthalmologist. You will generally have to visit your cataract surgeon the day after the procedure, and then at least once more in the following two weeks.

It’s important to attend these appointments so your ophthalmologist can evaluate your healing process and look for signs of potential complications. If you have to travel shortly after surgery, inform your doctor and try to schedule your appointments around your travel plans.

Also make sure to follow your cataract surgeon’s recommendations during your recovery period, including the use of eye drops and a sleep mask to protect your eyes. Make sure you bring these items along if you are going to be traveling.

If you have any concerns about traveling or performing other activities shortly after your cataract removal procedure, consult your cataract surgeon for advice.

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