Refraction Exam for Glasses in Monterey Park

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Dr. Linda Vu is a general ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in Los Angeles who also provides her patients with comprehensive eye care, such as refraction exams for glasses. If you are having trouble with your vision, whether it is in the distance or up close, you may be in need of prescription glasses. Many people think that because someone has never used glasses in the past, they do not need them now. However, visual problems can have a gradual progression in which patients do not notice the changes in their vision until it has advanced enough to interfere with their activities. Patients in their early 40’s will start noticing that fine print is difficult to read. This condition is called presbyopia, and is the reason why most people wear “reading glasses” after the age of 40. If you are experiencing these difficulties while reading, a refraction exam for glasses can provide you with the correct prescription for your eyes so that you can regain the ability to read a magazine or do up close activities. Visual problems are not only applicable to adults. If your child is having trouble concentrating in school, you should consider having the vision checked to see if their problems are related to not being able to see the board in class. Visual problems like this may be due to nearsightedness, a condition that results in blurry vision in the distance. The cause of visual changes can be a number of things, but the answer may be as simple as needing a pair of glasses. It is important to schedule a yearly eye exam so that you can be sure that your eyes are providing you with the best vision possible. If you are interested in finding out if you should be wearing glasses or know you need them but have not had an exam yet, schedule an appointment with Dr. Linda Vu for a refraction exam.

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