Is It Time for Cataract Surgery?

Nearly everyone develops cataracts if they live long enough. But just because a cataract exists does not mean it has to be removed. In their early stages, cataracts can have such a small impact on your vision that you do not even notice them. As the cataracts mature, their effects on vision become more noticeable, and for some, intolerable.

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts but are not sure whether it is time to have surgery, a conversation with respected cataract surgeon Dr. Linda Vu is in order. Having a general understanding of how cataracts affect vision can help you have a more productive conversation about your options.

When It’s Easy to Manage the Effects of Cataracts

Cataracts start out small, and in their early stages, the effects on your vision may be negligible. Or, you might notice your vision is declining, but you discover easy workarounds to manage these changes. For instance, you might find yourself turning up the lights around your home so you can read or watch television in the evenings. Or, you might have your glasses prescription adjusted so you can see more clearly with a little help.

If you find that adjustments like these are helpful, and cataracts do not interfere with doing the things that are important to you, you might want to hold off on cataract surgery.

When the Effects Are Too Severe to Ignore

As cataracts mature, and more of your eye’s lens becomes cloudy, you might experience more noticeable changes in your vision. You might have your vision prescription changed frequently but to no avail. Colors may become so dull or faded that you have a challenging time cooking or picking out your outfits. Or, you might have such strong sensitivity to light that the glare of bright lights is almost painful. You may feel as though you are losing your independence because your vision is declining so rapidly.

When cataract symptoms are affecting your independence, confidence and quality of life, it might be time to move forward with cataract surgery.

Talk to Dr. Vu About Your Options

If you and Dr. Vu decide it is time for you to undergo surgery, there is nothing to worry about. You are in great hands, and modern cataract surgery is extremely safe and very effective. With today’s IOLs, some patients are able to reclaim vision that is even better than what they had prior to cataracts.

To schedule an appointment to discuss cataract surgery with Dr. Vu, please call or email our office today.