Yan Y. – Wavefront LASIK

Dear Dr. Linda Vu, I want to let you know how great it is to wake up and see everything so clear and in focus. Before my LASIK, I would have to try to remember where I put my glasses or wait until after my shower to put on my contacts. I thought I knew […]

Edwin P. – Wavefront LASIK

From the very first visit to the office staff to meeting the “actual” eye doctor, I felt 100% sure that I wanted Dr. Linda Vu and her staff to treat me with the latest in LASIK. No second opinion needed to have the procedure and I’m 250% satisfied with my vision. Edwin P. Edwin P.Desde […]

Sandra R. – Wavefront LASIK

“The Greatest”! I don’t think there are any better words to describe Linda Vision. Dr. Vu and her crew are very kind, professional, and efficient. I had a very bad vision, but thanks to Dr. Vu and her expertise, I can now see better than 20/20. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with any […]

Joanna P. – Wavefront LASIK

“Being able to see the time on a clock first thing in the morning was an amazing feeling. I could see the clock the very next day after my Lasik surgery. What impressed me the most about Linda Vision was their direct honesty, patience and professionalism. I knew exactly what to expect during the surgery. […]

Claudia L. – Wavefront LASIK

I was nervous about the surgery, but you walked me through the entire procedure from beginning to end and answered all my questions to put me at ease. You were absolutely right! The procedure was quick and painless. Corrective laser eye surgery has changed my life. Words cannot describe how amazing I feel to wake […]

Annie P. – Cataract

I have the ReSTOR lenses for both eyes and feel great! I don’t have to worry about losing my contacts anymore. Also, people are surprised that I can see very small words without reading glasses!! I have no regrets to having the surgery. Dr. Linda Vu is a great doctor that I trust with my […]