Exercises for Your Eyes To Do at Home and Work

Eye Exercises

We all know how important exercise is to keep our bodies fit and in good shape. But did you know exercise is also important for your eyes? Hours upon hours of reading a book, or staring at a computer screen or your smartphone, can strain the eyes. It’s important to rest your eyes every so often to avoid strain and discomfort.

So how can you keep your eyes happy and comfortable? Here Dr. Linda Vu, a board certified ophthalmologist in Los Angeles, shares some easy eye exercises to practice both at home and at work.

Exercise #1: Blink

It is estimated that when working in front of a computer, people blink only one-third as often as they normally do. Blinking keeps the eyes moisturized and protects against bacteria and irritation. Make it a habit to pause what you are doing at your office desk every 20 minutes and blink at least 10 times.

Exercise #2: The 20-20-20 Rule

This focusing exercise helps relax your eyes’ focusing muscles — thus reducing eye strain and fatigue — when staring at a digital screen for several hours. The way it works is simple: stare at an object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Exercise #3: Zooming

Hold your hand in a “thumbs up” position about 10 inches away from your face. Move your hand closer to your face, approximately 3 inches away, and then move it farther away from you, until your arm is stretched out in front of you. Continue moving your hand back and forth several times, allowing your vision to “zoom” in and out, with your eyes focused on your thumb.

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If these eye exercises do not help relieve eye strain or discomfort, the problem may be an underlying vision condition. The only way to know for certain is by scheduling an eye exam with a board certified ophthalmologist like Dr. Vu. During your exam, Dr. Vu can thoroughly exam your eyes and review your eye health and medical history to determine the root of your vision problem. To discuss your eye health with Dr. Vu or to schedule a regular eye exam, please call our Los Angeles vision practice at (626) 382-2020.