Understanding the Difference Between Conventional vs. Wavefront LASIK

LASIK vs. wavefront LASIK

Before choosing to undergo LASIK eye surgery, get familiarized with your options. There are several forms of LASIK to choose from and each has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. At Linda Vision, Los Angeles ophthalmologist Dr. Linda Vu offers both conventional LASIK and custom wavefront LASIK, also known as custom LASIK. Here, she explains the differences between the two techniques.

How Conventional LASIK Works

Conventional LASIK uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea so it can refract light properly, restoring clear vision. LASIK is the most common laser vision correction procedure used to treat lower-order aberrations such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Although conventional LASIK is successful, it only provides standard measurements to correct vision, meaning the level of correction is limited.

How Custom Wavefront Technology Enhances LASIK

Custom wavefront technology enhances LASIK by taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each individual patient’s eye. Wavefront technology creates a detailed three-dimensional map of the eye to calibrate the laser for custom cornea reshaping. This map is able to identify all of the eye’s imperfections, including higher-order aberrations, which are subtle optical errors that cannot be identified with conventional LASIK technology. Higher-order aberrations contribute to glare, halos and other vision problems that may remain even after conventional LASIK. Because wavefront LASIK is able to identify and treat both lower- and higher-order aberrations, the level of correction is more precise and thus the visual results are typically better than with conventional LASIK.

Both conventional and wavefront LASIK take approximately 15 minutes to complete per eye. Recovery from both procedures is rapid and most patients notice an improvement in vision the day after the procedure.

When choosing between conventional LASIK and wavefront LASIK, Dr. Vu will take several factors into consideration, including your vision prescription and the thickness of your cornea. Dr. Vu will recommend the procedure that will produce the best visual outcome for you.

Custom Wavefront LASIK with the Wavelight EX500 Laser

At Linda Vision, Dr. Vu invests in only the latest and most advanced technology. She is proud to offer the Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser by Alcon, the fastest excimer laser available in the U.S. This breakthrough technology’s fast and precise pulse rate reduces treatment time and minimizes problems associated with older generation lasers.

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